About Tricolor TV

Tricolor TV is the largest Russian direct-to-home provider that broadcasts a package of television channels in the European part of Russia and Siberia since November 2005.

In accordance with the information of the global market analysis company IHS Technology, Tricolor TV is a leader of the Russian pay TV market (30% subscribers), and the operator’s share in the satellite segment is 75%. By the end of III quarter 2015, the active subscriber base of the operator included 11,6 million households, the operator’s viewership exceeded 40 million people, and this means that about one fourth of the country’s inhabitants watch Tricolor TV In addition to the basic broadcasting package. On June 30, 2015 we registered our 5,3-millionth HD subscriber. HD-subscribers account for 45% of our total 11,6 mln subscriber base. Furthermore, HD subscriptions account for 99% of all new contracts.

On July 24, 2012, the company announced the commercial startup of the first HD multiplex Tricolor TV Full HD.

On April 22, 2014, Tricolor TV began the large-scale broadcasting in the territory of Siberia. Subscribers of Tricolor TV in Siberia, in the territory of Ural and the part of the Far East got the access to all the packages of TV channels and value-added services of the operator, including the first HD multiplex. The large-scale extension of the broadcasting service was achieved through launching the satellite Express-AT1 to the orbital slot of 56 degree east longitude in March 2014.

On October 22, 2014, «Tricolor TV» was the first in Russia to broadcast the pilot Ultra High definition TV channel (ULTRA HD 4K).

On  January 26, 2015 company launched a new basic service: Edinyi. Since 2 March, this service has included film channels that previously were available only as separate subscription options: SuperKino HD and Kinozaly Tricolor TV. This service also includes music channels from our Muzikalnyi package and radio stations from our Radio package. On the 30th of September, 2015, 200 TV channels, including 31 HD channels and 33 radio channels, were available to the Edinyi service subscribers. Tricolor TV offers a range of options to its subscribers, including: Detskii, Nash Football, and Nochnoi.

In August, 2015 Tricolor TV opened a chain of more than 100 customer oriented sales and service centers and showrooms.

Tricolor TV won the «Big Digit» national TV prize over three years in the category of «Operator Company» and the prizes «For Contribution to Development of Regional Digital Pay TV Market», «For Popularization of Satellite Broadcasting», «For Vertical Take-Off to the Top of Russian Advertisers». In October 2011, Tricolor TV has also won the prize «No. 1 Brand in Russia» («People’s Brand») on the basis of open user voting. In April 2012, Tricolor TV was awarded with the prize BRAND OF THE YEAR/EFFIE-2011 in the category of «Hi-Tech Products and Services» as the most successful project for creating a brand on the Russian market.

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